Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Yesterday was the 22nd July which means that my baby sister Florence Violet should have been 5, I'm sure this is something that people might find awkward or upsetting to read or hear about so I'm not going to explain anything, more so just state that it is sad but my family and I celebrate her birthday every year, on the day and yesterday was actually really fun and lovely.

I'd wanted a jumpsuit for a while and knew I wanted this one the second I saw it a while ago, but I was sensible and waited until I had the money to get it since it wasn't exactly necessity. I went into H&M a couple of days ago and there was only one left, in my size (though I would have liked it a bit bigger) and I had enough money for it to be relatively sensible and I love it! Navy is one of my favourite colours to wear in summer and I rock a lot of polka dots (10 points if you know the reference!) and this is just the most comfortable and simple piece and I can think of a million and one ways to wear this, I honestly think it is so versatile! 
It was definitely perfect for the weather yesterday as I'm super pale so I have to cover up in the sun to prevent becoming a walking tomato but I wasn't too hot wearing this as it's not clingy at all and just quite floaty. 

These pictures were taken in the woods at Haigh Hall where my family and I had a walk and a picnic in the sun and it was lovely, I really think the woods there are very beautiful and one of my favourite places to wander round, whether it's sunny or stormy.

Me and My Sister Eden, I'm not sure what we're doing...

Jumpsuit-H&M /Shoes-Newlook /Hat-H&M /Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters /Bag-Gift

The bag in the above photo is one I have loved and kept forever, It was given to me when I was 3 and I used it a lot more when I was very little than I do now, but I still adore it despite it being very tiny, It carried everything I needed it to and I just think it's very cute.

Rings-  Mix of Camden market & TopShop / Watch - Casio

Lately I've been having trouble deciding what to have for breakfast, I'm not particularly keen on cereals or toast and unfortunately grapes alone probably aren't the best thing to eat before spending your day prancing around in the sun...

Necklaces - Gifts

Overall it was a really lovely day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite likely insect bites and nettle stings.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Borrowers

I have been in love with this jumper for what feels like forever; it's been sitting in my mums wardrobe with the tags on for quite a while and although I knew she intended to wear it at some point I somehow seemed to convince her to let me borrow it which inevitably led to her letting me keep it as long as I do enough chores to make up the £60 it cost, I can honestly not explain how grateful I am for it, It's such a beautiful jumper to wear and so comfortable and I'm just in love with it.

My boyfriend, John, recently gave me this book and I've only read a few chapters so far but I really like it a lot. I know it's nothing new or exciting but it seems to be an enchanting read so far and is a vast improvement on just scrolling through instagram whilst I have my coffee! (Thank you John!)

I thought it appropriate to title this post 'The Borrowers" because I seem to borrow (some might say 'shop') from my mums wardrobe far too often and it is therefore a pretty accurate description of me since I also 'borrowed' these trousers from my mum...

Jumper- Joules / Trousers- Next / Shoes- Primark

I adore this outfit though, I feel like I'm dressed slightly Nautical which always seems to be quite a retro way of dressing for summer, although I do have to admit this outfit may be a little too warm for the hotter of England's summer days and probably is more appropriately suited to spring weather! 

I've decided reading is my absolute favourite thing and since finishing college there is a lot more time for reading whatever I want and it makes me so happy, Do you have any book recommendations? 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Short and Sweet Pyjamas at The Ministry of Craft

I learnt at the grand old age of 12 (probably much earlier since my mum turned a lot of old clothes into new clothes for me and my sister as we were growing up!) that you could upcycle old garments into new ones when, with help from my mum, I upcycled a red denim skirt I'd outgrown into a bag with rainbow straps and a hello kitty motif!

These PJ's were upcycled by my Mum from my Grandad's old shirts and a collection of men's shirts from local charity shops, keeping the details and features of the shirts to add interest and individuality to each pair.
Unfortunately I have to wait to be able to wear the above pair, which I am really excited and impatient about because I love Pyjamas and sleeping as I'm sure is alike most teenagers, but I can't just yet because this pair and the other pairs in this post are being used as models for a class my mum is teaching at The Ministry of Craft for Advanced Beginners on how to make these Short and Sweet Pyjamas!

The Ministry of Craft is situated in the basement of Fred Aldous in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and hosts a variety of different craft classes from learning the basics of using a sewing machine to hand embroidery and jewellery making. They even run parties which I'm sure are a lot of fun!

I know my mum is very proud to be joining the other fabulous tutors there and I know her class will be a lot of fun! You can take a look at her blog and other projects here!

The first class on these short and sweet pyjamas will be held at The Ministry of Craft on Saturday 23rd August 2014 and will be a lot of fun, you can find further details for the class here

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


As I mentioned in my last post I have seen The Fault in Our Stars movie 3 times at the cinema which is definitely excessive. I'm definitely more of a book person than films or tv; I can happily sit down and read a novel start to end but I do find it difficult to sit through a film and there aren't many films I like all that much. I think the fact I adore John Green as an author and human in general made me especially excited for this film as well as the fact it is an incredible story and the fact it came out in the UK a few days after my exams ended completely!

This is the outfit I wore the third time I went to see it with my friend Helena and to be completely honest the outfit has no relevance to the film or book but I do just want to say that the film in my opinion couldn't be a more perfect representation of the novel and that I loved absolutely everything about it and if you haven't already you should definitely see it whether you have read the book or not, you'll leave the cinema not only crying, but happy and grateful and inspired and interested and moved and i'd honestly never left a film feeling like that before, and I enjoyed it just as much if not more, seeing it the second and third time.

 Denim dress- Primark/ Shoes and socks- Topshop/ Top- Hand-Me-Down/ Satchel- Primark

 I'm not usually keen on animal prints at all but I really love this top especially with this dress, I think my favourite thing about it is the combinations of colours, I love how the mustard yellow looks with the printed collar and also with my ginger hair. I also really like the yellow with the wash of my denim dress, It reminds me of the 70s and I don't know why since I definitely wasn't around but I really like it a lot.
As I'm writing this post I'm listening to The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack which I'm obsessed with and is just a playlist of such beautiful music which you can listen to yourself here but I do just adore it and am almost definitely entirely infatuated by everything related to this film and am also going to recommend you give Nat and Alex Wolff a listen because they're amazing too, Nat Wolff plays Isaac in the movie and him and his brother Alex are incredibly talented musicians.

This post is essentially just a ramble and I can't think of a rounded normal way to stop this train of thought because I could honestly write a novel of how much I adore John Green's books and this movie and the music and the actors and acting and honestly everything.


Sunday, 29 June 2014


top- topshop/ dress- H&M/ shoes- Docs/ bag- primark/ ring- topshop/ sunglasses- urban outfitters
I feel like I've become slightly lazy and I also think it's entirely acceptable. This year was my second year of college studying 3 A levels which I really wanted and still hope to do well in and including resits from last year I had 9 exams in total which of course was stressful and therefore reason number 1 for the fact I think my current laziness is acceptable. Reason number 2 is definitely the fact that I have tendinitis in my right hand which not only made it difficult for me to revise and sit my exams but it hurts to plait my hair and type this blog post.

I don't want this post to be too complainy though so I'm going to stop justifying my laziness and say that actually I've done things since finishing college a couple of weeks ago. Ordinarily my summers are not that exciting, I do things and they're fun. I've been out quite a lot and spent too much money on food and clothes and oddly have spent a lot of time in the sun and not been burned yet, I am going to get back into blogging though and I do have a list of things I want to blog about and that will happen.

I wore this outfit the second time I saw the fault in our stars in the cinema and the film is honestly incredible and I personally don't think it could be a better representation of the novel but I shall talk about that more in my next post which will include the outfit I wore the third time I saw it...

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Buttoned up

Skirt - French Connection
Shoes - Primark
Shirt - Vintage
Cardigan - Vintage (courtesy of my mother)

I really like the colours of this outfit and I'm not sure why I hadn't worn these pieces together before but I think it's quite cute and the cardigan I borrowed from my mum just completed it, although it was definitely warm enough to not be wearing a cardigan at all.

I think I've enjoyed the weather recently, mostly because I don't have to wear a coat or jacket at all but when the weather has been a bit rubbish and rainy I have found myself still not wearing jackets or appropriate footwear so I think I've been left a little confused.

I've also been over thinking what to wear for exams..I don't really know how that came about but apparently I've been deciding which items of clothing are lucky and which are not which I know is completely ridiculous but I seem to be doing that anyway. I've had 4 exams already which I think all went ok and I have 5 more to go so I'm spending most of my time revising which isn't too bad as long as it pays off.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mom Jeans and Blonde Hair

Mom Jeans-Topshop Shoes-Primark Bag-M&S Top-H&M Watch-Casio
I'm never particularly happy with photos of myself which is slightly ridiculous when you blog about the clothes you wear, so I apologise for the peculiar choice of pose. I really love mom jeans, I'm not sure what it is about them I like so much but I really do think they're great. I used to have an acid wash pair which were cool but I kind of got bored of the face they were acid wash and I really wanted some good plain jeans and when I ventured into topshop 10 minutes before it closed I wasn't exactly aiming to get mom jeans but I do just really like them and know I'll wear them much more than I'd ever wear skinny jeans. I think they're the perfect blue for jeans and although they're slightly too big at the waist, like everything always seems to be on me, I'm very happy with them!

I've also gone blonde which I suppose is exciting as well though potentially confusing for everyone who seemed to think I was naturally ginger.. Which I'm not but I suppose I had been dying it ginger for at least 6 months. I do like it but it does confuse me and I do still look slightly ginger because I only got half a head of highlights, Even though I know it isn't I'm scared that it looks really yellow and stripey and it doesn't but apparently thats how I imagine it...

I probably won't be blogging much over the next few weeks, not that I do anyway but I have exams starting next week until June 16th that I am determined to do well in and need to revise a lot for and I think it's the first time I've properly been scared for exams but I suppose this year they're more difficult and important than they ever had been to me before. I'm generally quite relaxed on going into exams but this time I want to go in confident more that anything.

Good luck to anyone else with exams at the moment, hopefully they all go well!
We have dandelions growing by our shed and I think they're pretty cute. (my mums photos)